Course Half Day

dal 22/06/2015 al 03/07/2015 dal 02/07/2018 al 13/07/2018 dal 09/07/2018 al 20/07/2018 dal 16/07/2018 al 27/07/2018 dal 23/07/2018 al 03/08/2018
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€ 180,00

The course HALF DAY consists of 5 half days , from Monday to Friday without lunch. from 9.30 to 13.00 . During the course HALF DAY students can learn and develop a love for the sport of sailing or windsurfing.
The boys will always be followed by the best instructors who , in addition to imparting technical knowledge , will let the students live a unique experience and very educational in terms of character . The course includes the Basic level of expertise as required by the rules of the Italian Sailing Federation.