Course Sailing Adult

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Duration: 4 days (two weekends)
For beginners or who has little experience.
The course teaches the fundamentals of the conduction of these safe and fun boats in the roles of crew or helmsmen, as well as the basic manoeuvres of the boat and regulation of the sails.
Topics covered: nomenclature, rigging the boat, points of sailing, knots, tack, jibe, departure and arrival from/to the beach, how to capsize without being scared.

Intermediate Course

Duration: 4 days (two weekends)
For those who gradually approach the advanced course.
The course gives the opportunity to deepen knowledge of sailing using fun and simple boats.
Topics covered: perfecting tack, jibe, the way to stop the boat, the rocking tack, navigation with spinnaker or gennaker (depending on boat).

Advanced Course

Duration: 4 days (two weekends)

For those who attended the Intermediate course or have a discrete experience in sailing.
The course gives the opportunity to improve the execution of the basic manoeuvres, how to surf using a spinnaker or gennaker.
Topics covered: asset of the boat, rigging – hoisting- jibe- lowering of the gennaker/spinnaker

Regatta Course

Duration: on request

The access to the course is granted after the verification of the level. The goal of the course is to perfection and deepen extremely technical sailing aspects.
Topics covered: set up of the boat, precise regulation of the sails, optimal longitudinal asset according to the wind conditions, manoeuvre technique near the mark and on the start line, regatta tactic and strategy, notions on racing rules.